• Gabriel's Children

A Holiday Appeal for a Struggling Local Family

I have known Shirley for the past two years, we met through Gabriel's winter soup program which delivers to the motel where she lives with her five grandchildren aged between thirteen and six months. They live in two rooms provided by the motel where Shirley works as a cleaner to house and support them. The children's mother is in and out of rehab, an all-too-familiar story in Vermont. Had Shirley not stepped in, these children would be wards of the state.

Last Friday as I checked out the local motels for our winter soup deliveries, I met Shirley on her daily rounds and we caught up on the past few months. Shirley told me that she had been hoping for a stimulus check to pay for Christmas presents for her grandchildren but it seems there is not going to be one for quite a while. This is a genuine case of need. If you are able to help Shirley make this a special Christmas for her grandchildren please either send a donation through this website or send a check to:

Gabriel's Children Christmas Appeal

107 Neshobe Beach Road

Bomoseen, VT 05732.

God Bless, Father Barry Meehan

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