Who We Are

Gabriel’s Children is registered as a 501c3 non profit charity based in Rutland County, Vermont. Its mission is twofold: first to help children and their families, especially those experiencing food insecurity and second, to promote greater awareness of the spiritual nature of children, who as human beings are body and soul.  

The seed for Gabriel’s Children came from a conversation of friends at table one Thanksgiving Thursday.  Gabriel’s Children was formed with the intention of accepting the privilege of sharing the gifts God has given us with those who do not have the same access to them.


Prior to the conversation on that Thanksgiving Day, a more general inspiration came from the example of Mother Teresa of Calcutta, whose love for children and the poor became a world-wide expression of the Gospel of the Good Samaritan.


The name Gabriel’s Children was decided upon after a group prayed a novena in honor of Saint Therese of Lisieux as we were seeking an appropriate name, it was the month of December and the name of the Archangel Gabriel, messenger of Christmas, seemed a good choice.